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Jamieson Primary School is able to offer a wide range of programs, facilities and subsidies.  In order to achieve this, we need to raise a certain amount of funds each year. To that end, Jamieson Primary School puts on several major events that take place during the year.

  • A very successful Wine & Cheese Night, which is held in October each year at the Jamieson Memorial Hall.  This fundraiser has been going since 1981.

  • The Chocolate Trailer as an event at our annual Jamieson Autumn Festival.  This festival has been running for 6 years as at 2019 and is getting bigger and better each year.

  • In 2018 we put on our first Trivia Night at the Jamieson Memorial Hall. This was very well attended and the feedback we received from this event was so positive that we are making this a part of the annual calendar of events. Our Trivia Night for 2019 was held on 10th May and was another huge success.  For 2022 this fun filled event will be held on Friday 13th May at 7pm.

  • Smaller fundraisers at other times during the year such as lamington drives, Easter Egg raffle, Bulb sales and lolly drives, help raise funds for our school.


Information on these fundraisers is provided through the newsletters and School Council meeting minutes.

All new ideas are most welcome!

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