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Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Japanese Language and Culture is taught at the school from Prep to Grade 6. We have a native speaker Japanese Language Assistant to deliver the LOTE program over a nine month period, and he/she is accommodated through our host family program.

Students develop fluency in speech, writing and reading, and develop skills in using and recognizing culturally specific behaviours and manners.  

Jamieson Primary School is part of a cultural exchange program that features a two week immersion in-country tour of Kyushu. Part of the program is a reciprocal visit by a group of students and adults the following year, where Jamieson school community hosts our Japanese visitors.

Japanese Exchange Program

Our Japanese exchange program operates in conjunction with Darnum and Nilma Primary Schools. This program has operated every 2 years from 1999 with a group of schools from North East Region and Gippsland. Jamieson Primary School participated in this program in 2008, 2009, 2016-2017, and again in 2019.

The program is based on the long-standing relationship with the small town of Innai on Kyushu Island.  This is the southern most main island of Japan and is about 1500kms south of Toyko.  It is a very small rural town, similar in size to Yarragon and Chiltern.  Many former students and parents have enjoyed this opportunity over the past twenty years.

All schools involved in this program will be working closely together to undertake the DET requirements of managing risk assessments, insurances and meeting ChildSafe and other legislative requirements.

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