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Numeracy and Science

At Jamieson Primary School we recognise that the development of strong numeracy skills is an essential part of our learning program.  The DET Numeracy Guide can be viewed here.

Through focused teaching and ongoing tracking of student progress, each child is provided with the activities and programs required to develop strong skills in this area.  The Essential Assessment tool is used to track students progress in this area.

Our Numeracy Program provides:

  • a sequential Mathematics course based upon the outcomes contained within the Victorian Curriculum

  • not less than 5 hours per week of Mathematics study for each student

  • Academic reports that can be viewed via the Sentral portal at any time.  In addition hardcopies of academic reports are made available to parents each semester.

Science class is made even more exciting for the students by utilising a hands on approach to the subject.  Students working in groups, are supervised in the setting up of experiments, gathering data on the outcome of those experiments, and finally learning to interpret their results. 

Use of homework helper tools such as IXL Learning are encouraged.  IXL Learning provides a comprehensive overview of numeracy skills and is available 24 hours/day, each child having their own login.

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