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Jamieson Primary School is located in the heart of the high country at the confluence of two rivers - The Goulburn and The Jamieson rivers.  This beautiful old brick building surrounded by majestic European trees, and with the high country hills as a backdrop, provides an idyllic place for students to learn and play.


Jamieson Primary School operates as a multi aged school from prep to Grade 6.  Classes are grouped from prep to Grade 2 , and Grades 3 to 6 as the seniors students.  Students work together on tasks with senior students often acting as cross-age tutors, encouraging communication skills.


The class sizes are typically small so teacher to student ratio is advantageous to the student, allowing students to progress at their own rate.

The rural school setting offering multi-age classes, cross-age tutoring and mixed ability groupings and is an educational model proven by research to provide not only sound educational benefits, but also is an ideal environment for enhanced social and emotional development.

We encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of our school operations.  Working with teachers in classrooms, helping with excursions or working with teachers to improve school resources are just some of the ways parents can be involved.

Our goal is to develop our students academic and social skills, attitudes and values, empowering them to enjoy a fulfilling future and be a constructive member of society.

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